Purnell “Old Folks” Country Sausage
Purnell “Old Folks” Country Sausage
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Back in the 1930’s, Fred B. Purnell made his first batch of sausage using a recipe his mother gave him. It was “so gooo-od” people began asking him to make sausage for them. ‘Old Folks’ as Fred was known, had three rules in making his sausage:

  • Use the best cuts of meat including hams, shoulders, loins and bacon.
  • Only fresh, all natural spices are added.
  • Don’t make a product to sell that you wouldn’t want to serve to your own family.

There’s another thing Old Folks insisted on: treating people honestly and fairly. That’s why at Purnell’s, we are family. You have lots of different kinds of sausage to choose from but if you want it made with the finest ingredients by people who really care, Purnell’s Old Folks Country Sausage is the best.